Hawaiian Airlines Change Fees

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Hawaiian Airlines Change Fees

Сообщение marshmichel426 » 19 июл 2022, 16:18

Travellers must alter their intended ticket within the airline's deadline. Customers will be charged an exchange fee that is a portion of the ticket price if they are unable to use the free redemption option. For those who don't want to spend a lot of money on modifications, take a look at the following details about Hawaiian Airlines alteration fee:

Passengers who purchase tickets using Miles are not subject to an alteration fee by Hawaiian Airlines.
According to airline rules, passengers with tickets for Hawaiian Airlines First and First Class are not subject to a modification fee.
Passengers with inexpensive tickets must cover the full cost of their flights as Hawaiian Airlines changes its surcharges.
On the day of the reservation, switches are free.
Passengers with non-refundable tickets must pay a fee ranging from USD 100 to USD 400 per person in order to change their travel schedule.

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